Brick Fan Town 2008

I know, I’ve mentioned how wonderful the creations are before, but given the number of amazing creations, I think another post isn’t too much…

Just had to share this amazing pic I found from Brick Fan Town:

I just randomly clicked on the links (all in Japanese) and got lucky.

Btw if you go to Japan, found some instructions on how to get to Nasu Highland Park from CNNGo:


Fantasy Pointe Nasu Highland

Ride the Monorail to Fish in a Fake Lake: Fantasy Pointe Nasu HighlandBuilt onto the south side of Mt Chausu — an active Volcano in Nasu — Fantasy Pointe Nasu Highland features a pedal-powered monorail, a fake lake which you can fish in, and a set of matching roller coasters. The coloring of the entire park is impeccable, stark white contrasts against blue, green, yellow and purple. It all looks art-directed by a Swiss modernist on psychotropics. There are nine coasters in total, many built by Japanese coaster manufacturer Meisho, the most enjoyable of which is Big Boom, providing a nice moment of weightlessness as it goes vertical. Child-friendly exhibits are plentiful, including a whole pavilion dedicated to Lego. Afterwards you can retire by fishing in a man-made lake before cooking your catch on a nearby barbecue.

How to get there: Tohoku JR line to Kuroiso station and catch a bus to Nasu Highland.


Tel. +81 (0) 2 87781150

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5 Responses to Brick Fan Town 2008

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    Don’t mind I share some more info on Nasu Highland (LEGO):

    1. You’ll need to take a shinkasen to Nasusiobara station & then a local line to Kuroiso station before catching a bus to Nasu Highland. Train journey will take 1.5 hrs if the bullet train leaves from Tokyo (i.e 8:36am departs & reach by 10am). Bus journey will take another 1 hr from Kuroiso station. Bus only makes 4 trips a day starting from 9:25am & last bus is 3:20pm. Total time taken to reach PARK = 2.5 – 3 hrs.

    2. Operating Hours in the month of Sep & Oct is 9:30am – 5pm while Nov is till 4:30pm & Dec is till 4pm.
    Park is closed on Nov 30th & Dec 1st, 2nd, 7th-9th, 14th-16th.

    3. Adult Entrance Fee + Pass (1,500+3,400) = 4,900 JPY & do the web discount for both the Entrance & Pass fee.

    4. 11 different LEGO “playground” or “themes” that you can tour around in 1 pavillion.

    5. Special Events for 2010 are being carried out at the moment.
    a. LEGO Basics on Nov 20th & 21st (Twice per day. Call for reservation & more details).
    b. Christmas Event from Nov 20th – Dec 26th (200 JPY participation fee).

    • amodularlife says:

      Of course I dun mind… your info is so wow (11 LEGO playgrounds), I feel tempted to go already! How is the place anyways? Nice? But the travel time is also very wow.

      • Jonathan Lum says:

        That’s 1 place I did not go as there were other “play lands” and “nature lands” that my queen & princess are more interested.

        For the travel time, it is long & that’s why it is good to start the journey early in order to enjoy what the park has to offer.

        If you need further info on places in Japan, do let me know so that I can help you out.

  2. k says:

    love those mystery hands on the far right. 🙂

  3. kelvin255 says:

    Tks y’all for all this info! I’ll be holidaying in Tokyo end-Nov to Dec. Thinking of making a trip to Nasu.

    @Jonathan Lum: Tks for the heads-up on the park close date. Looks like 3-Dec is the only free date for me if want to avoid weekend crowd. Do you have more info on the Christmas Event with 200yen fee?

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