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I’m sure there’ll be more clarity as we get nearer to 2011, but the news shared by Fugazi and translated by Elijah Timms from EB sounds pretty accurate as it tallies with leaks shared by Klaus Dieter a while back… everything from Creator to Technic sets are mentioned in the upcoming line-up for 2011.  Enjoy. 🙂

Oh, and Eygpt sets too. Sounds interesting but I’ll like to see the pics…


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although I’m not sure if I here the pictures of the new sets that can post appear in the first half of 2011 and therefore leave, I would like to introduce you to the next novelty short and give one or the other set, and my two cents .

I’ll mention for the sake of completeness, the uninteresting for most sets of short, being limited to the news only to the normal LEGO program and I have received no information on exclusive products. The above rates are EIAs and are indicative.

So, now it starts but:

Lego Duplo:

5681 Police Station € 59.99
5680 police van € 19.99
5679 motorcycle policeman € 9.99
5678 cop € 4.99

The classic police issue. Nothing really moving, but solid play value.
The van with a new form of the hood, which is somewhat reminiscent of old trucks from MAN. Only not quite so long. I think Borgward and DKW also once had a van in the program, which could have been technical sponsor form.

5682 Fire Truck € 29.99 – with Light and Sound

More Duplo sets:
5684 Car Transporter 29.99 – although equipped with two small cars, but very appealing mMnnicht
5685 vet € 4.99 – a small set of unknown to me hare
5683 stall 24.99 – By car, cat, figures and a few bells and whistles, such as bread, corn and various printed stones

As the release date of January 2011 called.
In March next appear in duplo Winnie the Pooh-range 3-sets:

5947 Winnie Waldhaus € 29.99
Winnies Picnic 5945 € 9.99
5946 trip with Tigger and Piglet € 19.99
All three sets are considered to be quite nice and certainly attract new fans to the Duplo camp.

Also for the January 5 new Atlantis Sts have been announced, wait on some very cool new pieces:

7985 Temple of Atlantis € 69.99
– Very chic! 2×2 round stones, which are ribbed on the body and render as column elements. Next, the set contains a military statue and two new Atlantis residents. A man and a crab erin ground to a monkfish protagonists. The ornamental fish from the old Ninja-sets can also be found at the temple. An 8-blade propeller I’ve come not as a loosely to seeing debris element.

7984 drilling submarine € 29.99
– Hmmm, chic golden armor element, something Säulenkram with the new round stones, a small additional mini-submarine, with a new drill and a hammerhead shark-like creature nice, but I’m not a fan of this great drill part, which built the main model was. I liked not been in power …. Miners But the tastes are so different.

7978 attack of the sea devil € 19.99
– Again with column elements, a golden helmet (this should probably be collected That there were even times when the Knights!), A monkfish-being and a great angler, who comes along with old green dragon wings as fins. Personally I like pretty well, but let’s see how the part looks like in real life.

7977 Unterwassserläufer 9.99
– Again with the hammerhead shark figure and of course a column fragment. Like this, if I have to say it flat. Skin do not wait for the stool, as I have many runners from other subject areas was also not great, but.

7976 Tiefseejet € 4.99
– Small and cute. As for in between.

The Hero-saving kits I now at this, even if they are to appear in January. Sorry, but I can start with something at all. If however you want, I ask again later before.

It continues with an update on the police issue in the city area. In my opinion, unnecessary, but apparently it is important to bring all two, three years of new police stations, fire departments and the like on the market. Sorry, the current police station, I still find enough and nice, what Lego does not prevent but with a few new elements to offer incentives to buy, perhaps.

7498 Police Station € 99.99
– Two garage doors, about prison cells to the right a three-story administration building. Nice, but I liked it better the old station. A white bicycle and a revised dog can be found here. A prison inmate also has a crowbar in his hand. Two small cars round out the set.

7288 Police Truck € 39.99
-Nothing new. (With a small sports car and a police motorcycle)

7279 police minifigs collection € 7.99
– With ATM, stroller and two crooks and two policemen. Well, somehow I feel that I have more police officers than civilians …

7286 prisoner transport € 16.99
– Revised and the first set of the series, which I think is really good. Enduro with orange and a kind of backpack / messenger bag for the loot of the convict.

7285 police dog use € 9.99
– Maybe I should save me time in between comments, so it is clearer, but I think there have to it by now! Nice idea, but the vehicle from the front looks a bit bulky. It also seems this is a new part to have been built.

Continue with 5 Technic sets in January and a Technic set in March.

8069 Backhoe Loader € 49.99
8068 Rescue Helicopter € 29.99
8067 Mobile Mini-crane 19.99
8065 Mini Dump Truck € 9.99
8066 SUV € 14.99

– This raises for me the question, why be brought only in January Technic sets on the market that also sold like hot cakes in the Christmas season would have found! Not everyone can afford big sets and sometimes even small gifts sought. Too bad, but then Lego brings itself to customer satisfaction.

In March, then comes back with

8070 Super Car € 109.99

a kit on the market that appeals to me not so much. Per-PF motor to open hood and doors, and adjustable rear spoiler. Why? The four-speed circuit is nice, but we had already in the timeless 8880, right?

But on with the announcement last January along with new stones uninteresting boxes:

The third mini-figure series! In fast-forward:

Hawaiian (with the Mexicans familiar rattle in brown and a bast skirt), chief Mandschurin fighters, adventure pilot (nice face), fishing with rod and fish, half man – half robot – entity, snowboarder (pink helmet) racer, rapper, Elf, sumo wrestlers and a cup of Karateka, Alien (as in police-Spac with goggle eyes, mummy scorpion athlete?, baseball player with bat and Gorilla with banana.

A two failures, but MMN solid series. The fourth series the way, is scheduled for April.

For the February appears Creator sets the same way we Technic for the stuff, why only now?

5766 Block House € 29.99
– Looks a bit like a gingerbread house and seems to have a dark pink roof. Lime green window and a light green base. There were certainly more beautiful homes …. But this time a mini-figure with a kayak is.

5765 Low Loader with Helicopter € 19.99
5764 Robot € 14.99
5763 Buggy € 9.99
5761 Mini Excavators € 4.99
5762 mini airplane € 4.99

Can you still, or shall I call it quits?

The new Star Wars sets have been mentioned already. The reason I skip.

But now all new things!

Ne mix of Beyblades and trading card game. On a disk are characters with different weapons, you can let them fight against each. The disc seems to have put himself in the rotation and there are a variety of new weapons in the sets. Inter alia a large bone, katana, swords, spears in damask-look, a short chain and something like a war hammer. Lego praises the parts as a low-price products, and I think € 9.99 per figure with accessories already quite steep. Maybe I have but only enough money for that. There are 12 different characters to purchase individually. I like to alternate as needed by one.
There are then also suitable Speilsets:

2260 Ice Dragon € 19.99
– Exo-Force meets Ninja
2263 Turbo Shredder € 29.99
– Creepy
2505 Garmadons fortress € 69.99
– I hope there is pictures soon so you can see the stuff too!
2504 Spinjitzu Training Centre € 39.99
– The name says it all!
2516 Ninja outpost € 4.99
2258 Ninja ambush € 6.99
2259 Skeleton Chopper € 14.99
– Worth noting that Lego has here provided a skeleton with a helmet, which is strongly reminiscent of a Wehrmacht helmet.

You notice already, I’m skeptical!
In March, as spring is also a bargain for the price of 19.99 € plizeiboot instead of € 29.99 on the market. (7287) Well, there was even more beautiful models.

Two topics and you made it!
In April, the question of Egypt come with the Pharaoh Quest series and in the city area or a space station.

The Egypt-Sts are at first sight very impressive, and something bothers me that there is a lot of shooting and fighting. Here you can also collect different things like Atlantis, which are housed in the different sets. As new parts of me fall on wings, knives, Priesersta, beetles, and a higher base. (I hope things are printed and not to decorate with stickers!

7327 pyramid of Pharaoh € 99.99 (including half-track)
7325 Enchanted cobra € 29.99
7307 Duel in the air 19.99 (Toller Double Decker)
7306 Race for the gold bar € 9.99
7305 attack of scarab € 4.99
7326 Mysterious Sphinx € 49.99

In the Welraumsets falls on the first of the major space-port. Looks nice. Despite a number of molded parts for the rocket. The Shuttle has to have that at all not like small airplane cockpit and the sets and the moon buggy Satelittenstartrampe potential.

3368 Missile Base € 59.99
3367 Shuttle 29.99
3366 Satelittenstartrampe 16.99
3365 moon-buggy € 4.99

Only the sake of completeness quickly mentioned the new Lego games:

3856 Ninjago Temple € 24.99
Sunblock 3852 € 9.99
3853 Go Bananas € 9.99
3854 Frog Rush € 12.99
3855 Ramses Return € 12.99

Thank you for your attention.


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