New Info on Collectible Minifig Series 3

Update: All pictures removed sorry!

Nausicaakro from EB Forum has shared some new info on Collectible Minifig Series 3 (Green packaging) (Jan 2011 release?).

The 2 girls sounds interesting… and I really want some gorillas.


Updated on 19 Sep, based on Nausi’s latest update on EB: Link to post

1) hawaii girl with hair like willie in black (from indiana jones) and flowers necklace – accessories: 2 brown maracas
2)indian chief – like old indian chief, – accessories: SPARTAN lance
3)samurai warrior – with heavy (old)armour and maybe and OLD helmet
4) tennis girl with white plisseted skirt and white racket, short brown hair
5) sumo wrestler with new black hair and big belly – all yellow… blah! accessories: trofeo like judo boy from series 2
6) baseball player with giants uniform and new cap with sharp peak – accessories: baseball bat (very pretty) brown and white
the stripes are RED sorry for this.
7)fisher with long beard and tipical cap – accessories: long fishing rod (new mold) and fish
8. elf warrior with new yellow hair and POINTED EARS -yess man, POINTED!
accessories: long shield with white deer (no tree), green mantle
9) street boy with striped sunglasses and a BIG (very big) stereo and cap like baseball player!
10) alien like squidman (in purple) with laser pistol and purple beam
11) gorilla (it is a costume) with a banana. The legs are dark brown and have the standard mold
12) ferrari driver in red and helmet
13) mummy – like old mummy sorry no ankh but skorpion and green skin
14) snowboarder girl with pink helmet and white glasses form SW ep V,
15) horrible half man half robot with pirate iron leg
16) standard RAF pilots with white mustacchi and standard backpack

So… no prize for guessing the most wanted minifig in this series. I can almost see the LOTR MOCs…

Update: Pics!!! All pics removed sorry!



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  1. Sci-Guy-Mike says:

    Series 3 minifigs are on the shelves at some stores in Portland, Oregon. Check out the pictures at

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