2011 Atlantis Set Pictures

Update: All pictures removed, sorry!

Updated on 22 Sep: Remaining 2011 set pictures (scroll down).


This is the 1st 2011 set picture that made me sit up and think ‘I really want that!’. 

The lovely ribbed columns, classic sloped roman roof, a few sea monsters… what’s there not to like? 🙂 Ok, perhaps the price… but we’ll cross the bridge when it comes…


It’s from imperiumdersteine  by tomo and highlighted by Navy Trooper Fenson from EB.


Finally, some pics of the crab guy… so I see myself getting the temple and the funny bug-eyed fish monster.  What about you?

[Snip] /[Snip] /[Snip] /[Snip]

All pics kindly shared by Nausi from EB and put on Flickr by Tervlon (Update: All pictures removed)

3 Responses to 2011 Atlantis Set Pictures

  1. wee chong says:

    cool! really enjoy looking at your website. so many lego creative ideas, inspirations, outstanding displays and useful information.

  2. wongkw says:

    The current Atlantis sets are well designed IMHO. I particularly like 8077 which can transform between a sea lab and a sub, cool!

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