2011 Creator House

Update: All pictures removed, sorry!

Update: New complete descriptions of all 16 Series 3 minifigs can be found here: Minifig Series 3.  Am still waiting for the brickshelf pic to be made public before I update again.  I don’t intend to create more posts so I think I’ll just hijack new posts like this for other updates as well. 🙂


Now, for the actual update, finally pics of the (February) 2011 Creator log cabin.  Pink roof, brown bricks… what’s  there not to like about this? Ok, the price again… I’m guessing a total rip-off given the Apple Tree House pricing in SG…

I digress, it’s a lovely house and I’m sure I’ll get a few, perhaps worth shipping in during one of those BOGO USA online sales (like the one TRU is now having until 25 Sep).  

Most interesting that for the 1st time they are including a minifig with Creator house. So has TLG finally recognised that most City fans are already integrating Creator Houses with their city layout or are they trying to start a trend? So for those City fans still unsure of whether to get Creator houses, wait no further or you could see the Creator house prices shoot up once TLG discontinues the set.  My earlier post has all the details about past and current Creator range of Lego Houses for Your City Layout.


5766 Block House € 29.99 <– does match the earlier descriptions huh?
– Looks a bit like a gingerbread house and seems to have a dark pink roof. Lime green window and a light green base. There were certainly more beautiful homes …. But this time a mini-figure with a kayak is.

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