Displaying Your Collectible Minifigs as Magnets

If you are a Singapore AFOL and was wondering why all the colored magnets have mysteriously disappeared from local stores, this is the reason why…

Yeah, nice way of displaying them huh?  Which is why I asked, and Raymond (aka Mond2) from S0937 has very kindly agreed to let me blog about them, and even sent me his word document version for easy printing. 😀

You can paste them on 2×4 tiles or 2x2x2 tiles with dark gray magnets as well.

Click on the link for the file: 2x4_MF1&2

7 Responses to Displaying Your Collectible Minifigs as Magnets

  1. Mond2 says:

    Thanks for blogging this… >p

  2. walshklien says:

    Bump into a lady yesterday at TH, she was buying a bunch of blue and red magnet bricks, which she says was for her minifig collection. I recall that ST in Raffles has a bag full of them. If not one has “kapo” them yet =P

    • amodularlife says:

      Hey, if anyone has already printed their magnets can let me know how it is? Nice?

      Actually if no blue/red can just get gray cos at least easier to get consistent colored magnets for future series. Who knows what other colors TLG may use?

      • walshklien says:

        I think the challenge is to get similar colored 2 x 4 tiles first so that you can paste the stickers on it. Blue and Yellow 2 x 4 tiles I think are hard to come by in Singapore. TH was actually suggesting to the lady to use gray magnets ‘coz they have tons of them, but I think she finds it ugly haha =)

      • amodularlife says:

        I prefer uniformity in the magnets or display pieces so if I ever do magnets, then I’ll go for gray ones, and then order 2×2 colored tiles (32xblue, yellow & green each) from Bricklink.

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