2011 Ninjago Sets

Update on 6 Jan: You can go to NinjaGo Set Reviews or Ninjago In-store Ads/clips

Update: All pictures removed, sorry!

Update on 23 Sep: More pictures of the Ninjago sets (scroll down)


First blurry pic of the Ninjago sets.  I dunno why, but the ninja reminds me of the bubblegum knights which is probably not a good thing if I ask my army building castle fan mates… skellie is… boring, I’ve enough from castle n pirate sets.

The huge bike could go either way tho, if done really nicely I could even get a few for a monster bike garage in my Lego town… by nicely I do mean twisted and sick looking of course. 😛


Picture from tomo of Imperiumdersteine.de


€ 9.99 per figure with accessories. 12 different characters


[Snip] / [Snip]

2516 Ninja outpost € 4.99 / 2258 Ninja ambush € 6.99 / 2260 Ice Dragon € 19.99


2519 ??? & 2259 Skeleton Chopper € 14.99

2263 Turbo Shredder € 29.99

??? no pictures 

 2504 Spinjitzu Training Centre € 39.99


2505 Garmadons fortress € 69.99

All pics kindly shared by Nausi from EB and put on Flickr by Tervlon [Update: All pictures removed!]

2 Responses to 2011 Ninjago Sets

  1. there are more ninja minifigs! – I’m happy. figure on the right looks like a skeleton in a nazi uniform/helmet.

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