Modular Police Station & Amazing Lego Street

This MOC by Johan_vd_Heuvel (Teddy) features great interiors. Really good reference for the Police HQ MOC I am still working on tho I don’t think I’ll be doing much interiors. 😛

What really caught my attention though is his Lego street. You don’t often see Lego creations that makes the Lego Modular series look lousy in comparison but I think Johan’s creations top those. Judge for yourself:

Links to his creations here: Police Station; Post Office; Public Library & Central Station 

3 Responses to Modular Police Station & Amazing Lego Street

  1. OCK says:

    this is a very expensive street..and yeah the MOC does make lego’s one look a little inferior..the library is a fave

    • amodularlife says:

      Ha, all modular streets are expensive… when I think how much my street costs (and how many branded bags I can buy), I just get a headache…

      There are only a handful of AFOLs I know who have creations that consistently put TLG’s official modulars to shame… names that come to mind include Lgorlando, Aliencat, Jasper Joppe Geers, Marcos Bessa… you probably see them featured fairly regularly. Quite inspirational really…

  2. Anonymous says:

    can im buy it

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