2011 Pharoah’s Quest Set Pictures

Update: All pictures removed, sorry!

Update: All 2011 Atlantis set pictures are updated in my earlier post (2011 Atlantis Set Pictures).  The bug-eyed fish monster is really quite lovely (hey, I did say I’ve a thing for ugly monsters before…). 😛


Finally!!! The Pharoah’s Quest pictures… and they are indeed worth the wait.  I see myself getting the entire series… and doubling the play value by setting them up with my IJ (Indiana Jones) and POP (Prince of Persia) sets. I mean, heroes have to keep themselves gainfully employed don’t they? What better way than to battle mummies? 😀

7305 Attack of Scarab € 4.99


7306 Race for the Gold Bar € 9.99


7307 Duel in the air € 19.99


7325 Enchanted Cobra € 29.99


7326 Mysterious Sphinx € 49.99


7327 Pyramid of Pharaoh € 99.99




All pics kindly shared by Nausi from EB and put on Flickr by Tervlon (Update: All pics removed!)

4 Responses to 2011 Pharoah’s Quest Set Pictures

  1. hippo says:

    I will be only getting the Pyramid of Pharaoh.

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