Some Recent MOCs I Like

Bethany by retinence

I hope this doesn’t make me sound creepy but she’s feminine and attractive… the curves, the corset, the little ribbon on her head… 😛

From the same builder who gave us the lovely Seahorses a few posts back btw.

Unnamed by zgrredek

The curved facade caught my eye. Not an easy technique I think. 

 This is probably useful to give some context, as copied from his Flickr text: “the years 1982-1990 were a period of partial prohibition in Poland, with alcohol being sold from 1 p.m. onwards.”

Tipoca Outpost 930 by ACPin

The outpost 930 juts out on one of the exterior structures on stilts from Tipoca city. Clone troopers man the various installations similar to outpost 930 as part of their training. Clone pilots also hone their skills with the V-Wings in landing and take-off from the platform amidst the turbulent seas of Kamino.”  Full gallery of pics available.

Edisons Bane’s Steam Train by V&A Steamworks

I’m not really a train person,, but the use of POP parts really gives it an oriental fantasy feel that I like. 🙂

Eggplants Chateau 3  by Eggy Pop

I actually like the use of old bricks that gives the MOC an ‘aged’ feel.  The waves at the bottom of the round tower are also very nicely done.

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