My Two Green Grocers

I finally got my mirrored Green Grocer, yippee!

The local S0937 forum had the regular monthly meet-up last night, and I decided on a whim to bring my other GG along to finally get started on a mirror build (whim cos it’s really heavy to bring along on public transport!!).  So with loads of help building the mirrored version from 2 of the guys (thanks guys! not sure if I should mention names, so you both shall remain unnamed 😛 )…

So here it is, with lights as well, nice huh? 😀

21 Responses to My Two Green Grocers

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    NICE … Very Nice … Now, people would be poison to buy 2 sets … I Like !!!

  2. Mond2 says:

    U got a 3 GG??? Maybe can heighten the centre… >p

  3. amodularlife says:

    Mond2: Yes, I have but then it means I’ve to raise the height of all the others… so no… >P

    Jonathan: Poisoning effect is unintentional… was just something I wanted to do. U like it enough to build 2 too? 😀

    I thought the poisoning effect would be the lighting, guess I was wrong or mabbe my photography is too crappy. The orange glowy GGs are really nice in the dark.

    Anyway I think the sets that are nice to mirror are GG & GE. CC not too bad as well but a notch below GG& GE. FB & MS I dun like the mirrored effect. Just my personal view.

  4. hedgehog says:

    nice.. it looks more like a blackout in the neighbourhood.

    maybe there is a chance to include the street lamps too.

  5. OCK says:

    I need to order 1 more set of GG…..arrghh.. And you have 3 sets? OMG.

    Do u have 6 sets of CC to do what they show at the back of the box?

  6. amodularlife says:

    hedgehog: Mabbe if you are willing to spend US$12 for one standalone LED lamp post or US$2 for a lamp post to insert LED lights… but I’m not so my street will just continue to be blacked out… hoho

    OCK: Another GG? Oooo… I wish I have 6 CC too, but no I don’t unfortunately. 😦

    • amodularlife says:

      Oh, very very nice! I really like the ATM in the middle & the car showroom you added. This IS poison you know… ahhh… runs away…

    • Jonathan Lum says:

      This is NICE … I am sure she has something up her sleeves … I better run away before she poison me .. yet again .. hahaha .. I LOVE the person handling money inside the ATM to the person outside withdrawing … not to mentioned the robber queueing up as well ..

  7. Jonathan Lum says:

    Am I right to say that you leverage the LED Lights from other sets or you went online to purchase more ?

    2 sets of each is definitely good & 6 sets of CC is the BEST but one needs to have very very DEEP DEEP DEEP pockets to achieve it.

    OCK, how many sets do you have for each Modular ?

  8. hedgehog says:

    thanks.. u sure have all LEGO information. Nice lamps ya expensive.

  9. OCK says:

    I only have 1 each for modular la Johnathan… No $$ for so many and missing MS.

    I no gift in MOC,1 set enough….. So LED can be added… Interesting…

  10. wongkw says:

    I wonder anyone did a mirror GE, or even 4 GE? 4 GE would make a really grand building!

  11. Jonathan says:

    How do you mirror it? I’m really interested cause I have another green grocer. Hope you can help ,e

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