Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

I’m not a Formula 1 fan, but the stunning backdrop – the entire Singapore city centre, never fails to wow me when I see it.  You can judge for yourself…

Oh, and it’s today btw. In fact happening right now as I’m typing…

The 1st pic is an official wallpaper from the 2010 Singapore F1 website, and the 2nd pic is from Vince Golango’s blog.

The Singapore F1 is the 1st and only night race in the F1 circuit, and started in 2008.  Which is a good thing actually cos any later, and it would be quite hard to get the Ferrari sets which I managed to acquire.

You see, I got a few Ferrari sets so I can have my very own street circuit in my Lego town…

Need more info on the sets? Here’s the link to Brickset’s entries for Ferrari Racer sets.

I meant to add some nice Lego F1 street circuit layouts, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any.  If you have seen one before, pls send me the link k?

Ok, I can switch TV channels now… I’ve been insisting on switching the TV to the ‘live’ show tho I’m not a F1 one (my bf wonders why) to get some inspiration for this post.   😛

3 Responses to Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

  1. wongkw says:

    I’m not a Ferrari fan, hoping for some Red Bull or McLaren sets from LEGO

  2. Jonathan Lum says:

    I even recalled someone doing PINK, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW & SILVER Race Cars on Video … Google them & you will know what I mean …

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