Harry Potter 2010 Set Reviews

Update on 8 Oct: Yay, the Hogwarts Express has finally been reviewed so that’s now added.


Yay, the set I’ve been looking for has been reviewed. Yep, The Burrow.  It looks amazing… and the minifigs… *wub*  Here’s Ginny btw:

Below are the links to the set reviews on EB so far (thanks to all the reviewers!!), and to be nice I’ve re-posted the the Amazon HP poster download link again in case you just need something HP to fill that aching void while waiting for the sets to be available in your part of the world.  😉

LEGO Harry Potter mini-poster from Amazon USA: Get the Mini-Poster by clicking here  (You must have Adobe Reader 9 or later to be able to view this mini-poster)



6 Responses to Harry Potter 2010 Set Reviews

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    Hi Ginny, welcome to Modular Life… I like your Mini-Fig as well but not the sets …

  2. OCK says:

    i am not a fan of HP…but i am tempted to get the castle and burrow set

  3. Jonathan Lum says:

    Modular Life … I know what you are doing to me … I’ll stay FOCUS … hahahaha

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