Custom Lego Kylie Minogue

I thought this was really nice, so I voted 10 stars. If you like it too, do pop by this site and cast your vote.

This is  for a contest of photos, designs, drawings, montage or any other creative artwork (ha! Lego included) inspired by the album artwork for ‘Aphrodite’.  A selection of the most creative and most popular images will be sent to Kylie for judging – with the winner receiving a framed copy of their artwork, personally signed by Kylie.

Btw, Matthew is the “Creative Director at a certain Construction Toy Company”…

3 Responses to Custom Lego Kylie Minogue

  1. walshklien says:

    I’m not really into custom minifigs but this looks cool =)

    BTW, I just joined S0937FG, saw that you guys had a gathering last Friday, sad i missed it =( Hope to catch-up with Lego fanatics the next time round! =)

    Err I’m guessing you are the one at the back and in the middle of the gathering photo?? haha =)

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