A Couple of Recent MOCs I Like

Espana Corner by andybear@hk looks really great. I especially like the sliding doors and roof. It comes with interiors too, so do visit Andy’s flickr page or brickshelf to see even more great stuff.  

I am really impressed by all his town MOCs!  After browsing his brickshelf, he’s become one of my favourite builders and yet another one of those masters with drool worthy town layouts…


Corridor 2.0 by L D M uses a mirror and looks really good. Made me realise tho that I can’t remember enough of my physics to figure out how it’s done. 😛

I’ve been interested in  torgugick‘s St. Basil’s Cathedral for a while (WIP pics were out a few weeks back). It looks completed now and it looks great! Do pop by his Flickr and check out his White House, Angkor Wat, Mont St Michel and other gems. Talk about have a ‘landmark’ collection!

For something quite different, here’s Weird-War German “Vernichtungsläufer” by  Titolian. Am impressed by the fact that it only took half an hour to build!

Note to liquidor515: Umm… still no tanks yet… but here’s a step in that direction. 😛


One Response to A Couple of Recent MOCs I Like

  1. Liquidor515 says:

    Woowow alwis happy to visit your blog..very updated and love those pics and information that you found…keep it up…Great to know you will soon be sourcing for tanks and military theme hahaha i will be keeping watch on this. Many thanks for the entertainment.


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