New Lego Books & Lego Harry Potter Visual Dictionary

I had no idea so many new Lego related books are coming out until I did a search on both Amazon & Book Depository.

Most interesting find for me on the long list below is the Lego Harry Potter Visual Dictionary (Hardback – May 16, 2011).  Will it include a special minifig just like the Star Wars version??  

For fans in Singapore (and I think to most other countries), bookdepository offers free shipping. Most of the links below go to Amazon except for the May Harry Potter releases that were listed on Book Depository but not Amazon, but if you want an easy view of the coming books, click here to see the listing on Book Depository.

4 Responses to New Lego Books & Lego Harry Potter Visual Dictionary

  1. wongkw says:

    My random comparisons seem to indicate Book Depository prices are higher than Amazon, maybe the shipping cost is included in their prices, so free shipping is not really there?

    • amodularlife says:

      I would try to check for the cheapest price in either side before ordering too. Did you make any new orders? (^_^)

      • wongkw says:

        Yet to place any order.

        I am interested in the 3 Technic Idea books, since they are not out yet, there’s plenty of time to compare prices.

        Interested also to see what are different for the Brickmaster Pirates and Castle books compare to last years’ edition.

      • amodularlife says:

        I think Amazon delivery takes longer than Book Depository. So if the price difference is negligible, I’ll go for the faster delivery.

        Anyone who can share their buying/shipping experience?

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