A Look at a “LEGO Library” & the “LEGO Vault”

Update: Interesting… there were a couple of photos in kotaku that showed the 2011 lineup, and they have been yanked… even more interesting, Brickbuildr had blogged about it and included a kotaku pic of those 2011 minifigs, and apparently he got a request to yank the pics. Michael also noted that “out of the original 30+ images, only 26 left“.


What do you call a collection of LEGO? A ‘library’? Sounds strange to me… I’ll call it a ‘collection’ but yeah, whatever works…

For a look at “LEGO library” located at the office of the people who created/is still creating the LEGO Universe game, click here for the picture gallery. 

Apparently there is even a dedicated person who unpacks, sorts and ‘files’ the newly arrived LEGO.  Question is… the article mentioned “one of the five largest in the world“.  The LEGO Vault is probably the largest – so where are the other 3 big ‘libraries’? Who keeps track of these things anyway? TLG?

P.S. Yeah, now I feel poisoned (again) to want to visit the LEGO Vault. If you have not seen the Gizmodo video, click on the link already! Instant gush of nostalgia… if nothing else, enjoy the many MISB sets featured.   😀

Source: Kotaku

7 Responses to A Look at a “LEGO Library” & the “LEGO Vault”

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    I believe you can start one, too … i believe that tour was only a small faction of it … wow …

  2. walshklien says:

    Ok this has just up my dream from just opening a Lego shop to opening a Lego Library =P

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