A Couple of Lego Related News

I’ll just do a round-up since it’s too much to post one-by-one…

1. First, a new Star Wars set reported on ToysnBricks (news originally from Imperium Der Steine). The 7868 Mace Windu’s Jedi Starfighter Attack is expected to be an exclusive in North America.

2. Next, LEGO Star Wars ZipBin Dioramas Carry Case/Playmats (news originally from StarWars.com) – I wouldn’t think about carrying them around plus I prefer boxes if I do want to carry my stuff around but yeah, here it is.


3. Brickset had reported some sort of Ninjago game using spinning tops made from technic parts. I saw the PDF file before it got yanked and it looked really strange. Once again, I don’t think this is meant to appeal to the 5% AFOL population out there…

4. Engadget reports that Microsoft sent out some really strange looking Windows Phone 7 mock-ups –  my 1st reaction on seeing that LEGO-built phone was “hey, I can do better than that” – hopefully the actual product is a lot nicer than the brick counterpart.

5. Wired News reports a visit to the Netdevil studios for a closer look at Lego Universe.  Loads of pics and an amazing office (Herman Miller chairs, loads of Lego and cool props), but this time no interesting minifig pics that have to be yanked. 

4 Responses to A Couple of Lego Related News

  1. megabricks says:

    Hi there,

    I was just wondering about your take on the Spider-man Lego sets. I saw this on eBay and was wondering if I should get it?

    It has a lot of rare minifigs like Doc Ock and Mary Jane and it stopped selling in 2004.

    I dunno, should I get it?


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