A Couple of MOCs

Some were blogged on other sites but heck I’ll still blog about them cos they look gorgeous.

Something for dessert perhaps? How about Chocolate Cake by Profound Whatever?

If you are in the mood for celebration then Mardi Gras by Brickbaron is a fantastic creation with nearly 600 minifigs. It also won “Best in Show” and “Best in Town” for Brickcon 2010.

Techic Dragonfly by arcanemettles looks deceptively simple, but it actually moves.

80’s Audio Tape by LegoManiac (LEGO13 manager) brings back some memories.  Remember those days when you get music compilations on tapes rather than an MP3 compilation?  

To end this feature, pls enjoy this lovely castle creation by Derfel Cadarn.  His creations are always amazingly detailed with lush landscaping, textured walls, intricate details… I can go on but you should probably visit his Flickr page to see for yourself. 

Unless my workload eases up, I suspect a lot less postings the next few weeks.  😦  Rather than checking for updates, an easier way is to subscribe to my blog (widget’s on the right). You’ll get an email notification when there’s a new post.

One Response to A Couple of MOCs

  1. walshklien says:

    gambatte in your work! Nice posts! I love the Mardi Gras…

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