News of 2011 City Harbour and medieval windmill sets

Ferdik from EB shared some news of new 2011 themes and sets. The medieval windmill sounds great.


* Lighthouse – with some water and a minifig. Quite small and look marvelous!

*City Harbor – Like the old one but smaller, the freight ship got shorter hull. Looking good.

*Marina – a litte shop, a surfbaord and and one or two small civilan boats. Not many parts, shop look more like a backdrop.

* Boat transport – Great looking truck with “new” bus front window. A yacht on the trailer. Great!

Not City but could appeal to city fans.
* Creator House. New white house, red roof. Quite boring architecture. The garden got a little slope (brickbuilt) and the house got stairs to the front door. Also including a small garage with a car. Minifig included.

Kingdom. A medieval windmill! New paint on animals. Dots on grey horse and on white pigs. Great Looking!

2 Responses to News of 2011 City Harbour and medieval windmill sets

  1. The City sets sound really nice, looks like a very busy year for my lego town. The Windmill could fit in quite nicely with my lego farm 🙂

  2. amodularlife says:

    Windmill sounds fantastic with MMV. Wonder if it’ll be motorised? If not hope it won’t be too hard to motorised the windmill. I remember using the wind-up motor for windmills when I was a kid, so it really brings back memories!

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