DIY Star Wars

I’ve featured many polished MOCs so far, but these are a little different from the usual MOCs I feature.  They are not very polished but I think they have a whole lot of ‘heart’ and certainly brings me back to childhood days – just an idle thought but I wonder if young kids nowadays feel discouraged to try DIY cos they think their own creations will never match up to the official sets?

Anyway Peter Hartlaub blogs about his DIY Star Wars sets here from his rage at licensed sets prices (but hey, that’s in the USA, so I think he would positively EXPLODE if he is getting his LEGO sets at Asia prices) to his 5 yo son’s reaction to the SW creations.  I especially like the blood in the wampa cave.

2 Responses to DIY Star Wars

  1. Jack Nevin says:

    I am a 12 year old LEGO enthusiast, I have never been discouraged to post. I know my MOCs are not exactly good but I will always be obsessed with LEGO and involved in the LEGO community.

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