I Bought A LEGO Designers’ Tool Set

It’s basically the brick ruler packed with a brick separator (set no. 852690).  Yes, I know I can count the no. of studs and brick height myself, or even DIY a ruler but I figured since it’s not expensive (RRP: S$10.90) and I could save some time and effort during building then why not?

For those interested, the ruler can measure up to 10 bricks tall, 20 studs length, 15 technic lengths (the ones with holes) and 12 technic axles lengths.

Anyway haven’t tried using it yet – still trying to preserve my french manicure… yeah, the perils of being an AFFOL… 😛

4 Responses to I Bought A LEGO Designers’ Tool Set

  1. walsh klien says:

    Saw Toy Station Selling at 9 something.. =) Since I already had the brick remover that I purchase previously didn’t want to spend another S$9 for the ruler =)

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