Star Wars LEGO Alarm Clocks

The inner geek in me really want these clocks, not that I need one – isn’t that what phones are for? 🙂

As noted on Firebox where they are sold, “each characterful clock’s snooze and backlight function is activated by pushing down on a behelmeted head. You can even move their arms and legs”.

Product Features:

  • Officially licensed LEGO Star Wars Minifigure
  • Digital clock with alarm feature
  • 5 minute snooze feature by pressing head down
  • Illuminate the clock face by pressing head down

Please Note:

  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries – included
  • Suitable for Ages 6+


  • In Packaging: 15.8cm x 13cm x 23cm

Source: Firebox via FBTB

21 Responses to Star Wars LEGO Alarm Clocks

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    I am SO SO SO getting them …. can’t wait for the Clone Wars version of it to be release !!!

    • amodularlife says:

      @Jonathan: haha, thought you would want them.

      @Roger: November in UK… means next year if it comes to SG?

      @OCK: Just one or two? Actually a troop of the stormies in formation will be quite fun to see considering their size… 😛

      • OCK says:

        hahah…yeah..but if want to army build i prefer no clock…don’t you think they look like timebomb?

      • amodularlife says:

        Didn’t think they look like bomb… I suppose can always cover up with custom sticker?

        But come to think of it if the LED torch lights (fireman, policeman & construction) comes in castle fig instead, wonder if army builders will buy to create bigger armies? Amusing thought (to me anyways)… (^_^)

  2. Roger Yong says:

    WANT! Any idea when these will be released?

  3. OCK says:

    i gonna buy 1 storm and 1 vader for sure…or maybe 2 stormies..

  4. OCK says:

    IS AVAILABLE ALREADY! i just saw it on amazon….when is singapore getting this? it will make a perfect christmas gift

    • amodularlife says:

      Ooops, forgot to ask TS uncle. No idea man. I like it but not as much as sets like Diagon Alley so I can wait. 😛

    • Breekzwerkz says:

      Hey there, love the blog.

      I spotted the clocks on eBay Singapore. But looks tad bit ex, ok maybe more than tad bit ah. Haha.

      What do you think?

      But is this a new product for 2011? I went to Amazon and there’s only used ones available.


      • amodularlife says:


        These clocks are fairly new – just out a few weeks back. I saw the clocks in real life at Toy Plaza in Cornation going at ridiculously high price of S$129.90 each over the weekend. It actually looks quite ‘plasticky’… rather disappointing so I prob won’t get them till they are brought in officially.

        Otherwise is selling them at US$29.90 each. Shipment cost to SG for 2 clocks would be about US$19.

      • OCK says:

        129.9!!! crazy…

        the quality not the same as those new fireman dynamo clock? i am in no hurry too if ppl are selling at this crazy price. and we can buy 2 with change leftover from BN(think vader no stock)

      • amodularlife says:

        Aiya, Toy Plaza pricing is always ridiculous. I always kinda regret going after each visit. Some more the owner/staff (?) is so arrogant. I think their pricing for discontinued sets is a good 30% to 50% more than eBay SG price. Don’t even need to compared to BrickLink.

        Oh plastic quality feels lousier than the LED lights. Or mabbe just that the shop pricing and person left a sour taste in my mouth?

      • Breekzwerkz says:

        Oh it’s new. I thought it was old cos they only sold used sets on Amazon.

        Wokey! 129bucks is way too much! The one I saw on eBay SG is about $79.90 but still expensive lah.

        And what you mean by plastiky?

      • amodularlife says:

        Feels lower quality than the LED minifig lights.

      • Anonymous says:

        Looks like the quality issue is hitting clocks too. Are the LED made in Europe vs clock made in china? Just like those magnet mini fig vs those in the box sets?

      • amodularlife says:

        Don’t think it’s cos of place of manufacture. I think it’s cos the alarm clock minifig plastic looks kinda dull – not as shiny/smooth looking as the LED lights minifig.

  5. OCK says:

    Need your advise. I am thinking of getting the Jedi Path(vault version) + Lego Book + SW Visual Dictionary. I may consider getting these 2 SW clock as well(but AMAZON won’t ship them direct to Singapore)

    Do you think or have you tried if getting amazon to ship direct to singapore vs using courier like comsgateway will be cheaper? or similar?

    amazon shipping very slow…and comsgateway or BLX will probabaly be faster but i won’t use BLX cause will incur sales tax.

    • amodularlife says:

      Oops, I read that you placed the books order already…
      I would get from Amazon or Book Depository directly. I would also check if it’s cheaper to get from their UK vs US sites.

      For books they tend to be heavy so I’ve never tried going thru another intermediary (like BLX or CGW) before.

      • OCK says:

        Yup. the deciding factor was the 2x jedi path…amazon is cheaper so i got from them…i could have ship this with BN together with HP castle but again price not favourable to me + i keep waiting…

        the clocks..hmm a friend of mine wants it for a gift by christmas and i want too so hunting for them..i realise maybe cheaper to wait…cause the dynamo LED light in singapore is abt 30 before discount and in US is 24.99 before shipping

        did i mention i got the HP castle…damn…tempted to get kindgom…lucky red and white din appeal to me

      • amodularlife says:

        Yeah, there are stuff cheaper in SG, like the advent calendars so we are not totally deprived of good deals.

        Why 2x Jedi Path? One is a present?

        Are you a castle fan? I think the new Kingdom castle is not as nice as the Fantasy one, and the HP castle is much nicer. Oh mabbe you can go and read Juliana’s review to help you decide. (^_^)
        Hogwarts have more interiors which is important to me. Erm… plus mabbe save money for Diagon Alley? 😛

  6. OCK says:

    Nope. Not a true castle fan so to speak. But generally the kingdom colours does not appeal to me. I like the bluish fantasy era crown knights more but they are discon and exp to buy now. so just forget the idea…

    yeah me save up for the diagon alley too…heehee..if not for BN special price , the HP castle almost won’t make its way to my storeroom…haha

    yeah 1 jedi path is a present…have been thinking for so long abt this book and finally decide to go for it. is just too cool for me to say no. i wonder if the book height is the the same as a minifig…then can let my emperor emerge from the vault

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