Acrylic Display Cases for LEGO

Some acrylic display cases sold at ToyStation & ToysHunt. Apparently made by AFOLs.

I’ve been thinking about getting display cases for my keychain collection (LEGO of course). Anyone know how much a customised display would cost and from where?

ToyStation – $35/6 (?)


ToysHunt – $9.90/$59.90/$69.90/$79.90

23 Responses to Acrylic Display Cases for LEGO

  1. Mond2 says:

    Well u can try the guy who supply TS… The display at TS is going for 35… lifetime warranty on splitting of the edge… u can ask him to customise for u…

    As for the one who supply TH… I personally do not like the fact that he glue the plates to the base and the finishing of the display is about rough on the edges… Price point also not very attractive…

  2. wongkw says:

    I bought the TS case, $35, I was told last one in stock. The chinese guy advised me to use Blu-Tack for the base plate. The width is max 6 studs for each level. Have not seen the TH version so no comment which is better.

    • Mond2 says:

      Actually its 6 studs wide for the top 2 levels, base level is 5 studs can just fit considering the cover…

      As for TH one, the put off point apart from the glued plates is also the finishing of the cover, too many joints (5 pieces glued together) making the finishing look very unglam… at least TS one is 3 pieces for the cover… okay… maybe i m picky… >p

  3. Jonathan Lum says:

    @ Mond2 & WongKW,

    Actually, I got the casing from TH & it’s good quality with good finishing touch. Price point is reasonable as well
    Casing from TS, no comments as I don’t get to see the sample product.

    If you guys want the photo of those casing that I bought to house my LEGO SW Mini-Fig .. let me know & i can email to you both.

    • Mond2 says:


      Thanks… i have seen the real deal before at TH when the supplier was pitching it to Alex… also have seen his stuff on ebay and Vivo toyoutpost… really not that great imho for the price point…

      that is why i got the one from TS instead… the supplier is the same guy doing the display cases for nanoblocks for display in shopping centers…

      So agar u can compare the finishing… really more curvy and less squarish… really more profession looking… and i am considering if i should get a few more from him… or really sit down and ask him if he could do something custom for me… >p

  4. amodularlife says:

    Wow, so many responses on the acrylic cases (ok, mostly from Mond2, wongkw, Walsh Klien & Jonathan but still…)

    I did get the TH one, mostly cos I dint know that TS was selling cases and the other alternatives – so I think this post is useful for other SG AFOLs? I went to TH before going to TS. Ok, plus the TH case was a nice pressie from bf so I can display my collectible minifigs (yeah, he’s a sweetie). 😀

    The price point is really unattractive to me tho, hence my open call for alternatives – thanks so much to those who gave me alternatives – I will open my eyes to look for display cases now. I really cant DIY acrylic cases so not much choice for me apart from buying them.

    Erm, but if anyone is up for conducting a drilling lamp posts, LED/circuits 101 and acrylic case making class pls let me know where to sign up k? 😉

  5. Irvy Kitty says:

    You consider ask Dama Enterprise for making the acrylic display 🙂
    Here is the website :-

    The shop got quite a lots variety of acrylic.
    Might want to call before you drop by there.

  6. Mark says:

    Does anyone know where you can such display cases in Hong Kong?

  7. milsy_mils says:

    anybody know where can i get display box for Nanoblocks?! 🙂

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