Thoughts on Dan Jezek’s Passing & Thanks

Since I’ve become an AFOL, the many various online resources and community has greatly helped me come to terms with playing with toys as an adult – it’s easier to justify my newfound hobby when there are breathtaking creations featured on various forums & blogs and knowing that there are thousands of other fans that are discussing and trading bricks too.

Nevertheless, I realise that I seldom think about the people behind those websites, be it blogs, forums or trading sites (like BrickLink) who created the sites and the others kept them going for the enjoyment of AFOLs like me…  mind you, I only realised how difficult and how much hard work goes into maintaining such sites after I started blogging (it’s really a lot of effort!).  

So I’ve listed down the sites that I think have made the most impact for me personally. (Erm, by alphabetical order so we don’t start comparing ranking)

  • BrickLink (online marketplace) – Dan Jezek
  • Brickset (online resource) – Huw
  • BrickTopia (online blog) – Brad Hamilton (his creations is probably the trigger for me getting out of my dark ages – I accidently stumbled upon his site and was blow away by his city.  While his blog is no longer updated, but his 10 yo creations can still evoke a ‘wow’ if they are shown today)
  • The Brothers  Brick (blog) – The list of contributors is easily found but no idea who started this site (if you do pls let me know)
  • Eurobricks (forum) – The admin list is easily found but but no idea who started this site (if you do pls let me know)
  • Peeron (online resource) – Dan Boger & Jennifer Finch
  • S0937 (Singapore LUG) – The admin list is easily found but but no idea who started this site

And a great big THANK YOU to those listed above if you are reading this.  🙂 

For the blogs and forum admins, sorry for not listing you one by one… I know it is a lot of hard (and often thankless) work so thanks a lot for keeping the sites going. 🙂

There are many many other blogs and sites that I visit fairly regularly, but to be strict about it, I applied a criteria to list only those sites that will have a major impact on my AFOL life if they are gone.

Ok, I shall move on to happier topics after this… I’m aware thoughts on death are morbid and depressing and life is hard enough without dwelling on such thoughts. 😦

5 Responses to Thoughts on Dan Jezek’s Passing & Thanks

  1. walsh klien says:

    Here’s a BIG thank you to you for all the hard work you put in to blogging and Lego poisoning. My Lego life wouldn’t be as same ever again hahaha =P

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