Halloween MOCs I Like

As promised, some spooky Halloween MOCs that caught my eye.  Enjoy & Happy Halloween!

L13 Trick or treat halloween by nabeule1


Haunted House by  Legohaulic


Halloween in Caldera by  Wochenender


Ghost Coach by Sir Nadroj


Get Him Boys by Legoagogo


Grave Stone by WesternOutlaw is just amazing. So many creations that I think I’d better just ask you to go to his photostream to view… 😛

P.S. I’ve gotten lazy and won’t feature creations with picture downloads disabled (yeah, even the really good ones unless it’s just too mind blowing not to share).  But fear not, loads more Halloween creations can be found in the Flickr LEGO Halloween group including some really good ones that disabled their downloads: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1215509@N25/

One Response to Halloween MOCs I Like

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    I like the “Ghost Coach” … with additional MOC around it, this would become the scene of “Sleepy Hollow” …

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