Winter Village Bakery vs Winter Toy Shop

I finished building my Winter Village Bakery 10216, and I have to say I feel kinda disappointed.  Was trying to understand why and I think it’s a mix of (i) no longer having the novelty factor; (ii) me preferring the Winter Toy Shop 10199; and (iii) feeling really irritated the WVB build process.

Pt (iii) may need a bit of explanation – you see, the bags in WVB are not numbered, which means I was spending probably half my build time looking for parts.  Maybe I’m spoilt by other sets (hey, HP Hogwarts was nicely numbered), but I find the lack of numbered bags extremely irritating during the build.  

I also don’t like the horse carriage at all.  Hmm… or is it just that the minifigs in WTS are more charming (cute mouths) and the minature toys are cuter that’s why I liked the WTS so much more?   

While WVB doesn’t inspire me to the same degree of liking as the WTS, but the building in WVB is still charming and I like the frozen pond (and the trans blue plates!).  So it’s still a must get or what else do you display during christmas? And it seems to be a continuing theme too – rumours is that there’ll be another winter set in 2012.

4 Responses to Winter Village Bakery vs Winter Toy Shop

  1. walsh klien says:

    I like both, they will be sitting next to my Christmas Tree this Christmas hahaha =P

  2. Juliana says:

    Interestingly, I lilke MVB only for the horse wagon set with driver and tree. I wonder if I can just get them only without the whole WVB at a fair price? 😀

    • amodularlife says:

      Erm… would getting the parts/wagon off Bricklink be cheaper? If not I think when the sets are officially in SG Toyshunt will probably sell the set loose.

      • walsh klien says:

        Toy’s Hunt selling the loose WTS and I think most likely will be doing so for WVB =)

        What I liked about WVB is it has 2 loaves of bread which is very hard to find and cost like US$2 from Bricklink! I can literally buy like more than one loaf of an actual bread with that kind of money =P

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