Preparations for Christmas

So you got your Winter Toy Shop & Winter Village Bakery.  Perhaps even the Holiday Train.  Think you are all set for Christmas decorations?  How about decorating the tree?

Lazy ones (like me!) could just whack a bunch of LEGO keychains and hang them up I guess… but if you are really keen on a uniquely decorated tree, you can refer to Powerpig’s blog (via Gizmodo) for instructions on building ball ornaments for Christmas.  Yeah, really not too early to start especially if you need to place an order in Bricklink 1st.

Anyway seeing Powerpig’s ornaments got me thinking, and so I did some google searches and found some instructions for brick built ball ornaments in Brickshelf (from Mike Walsh):

While LEGO did come up with some ball ornaments last year:

But I think  using the builds on  or your advent calendars would be nicer (and probably cheaper if you intend to decorate the entire tree). 

You can get clear fillable ball ornaments from crafts shop (or online) – these ball ornaments come in a variety of sizes so you’ll probably need to measure and then decide how many of each you need. 

To solve the problem of putting the advent calendar items inside, I think you can get Dish 6 x 6 Inverted (Radar) from Bricklink or LEGO PAB online (Parabola 6X6) to provide the base support.

So what do you think? Will you be decorating your tree with LEGO ornaments? If you do pls share a pic k? You can insert photos into comments. 🙂

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