Inaugural AFOLCON in Manchester (UK)

I wish I can go! That’s my 1st reaction after reading this piece of news from Brickset

In short, it’s a US-style convention for AFOLs from 28 april to 2 May 2011 at Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Manchester, UK.  A quick calculation of the costs works out to a cool S$10K/GBP5K [flight, accommodation, loads of shopping (LEGO & non-LEGO) for 2 pax] plus a bone breaking 16 hour flight – so I won’t be there.  But if you can attend or is interested to find out more, the official site is:


“Recently announced at the Skaerbaek LEGO fan weekend, AFOLCON is a brand new event for the UK and Europe in 2011. Located in central Manchester, AFOLCON will comprise of a two day conference for Adult Fans Of LEGO, with exclusive content from LEGO, TT Games and more. After the conference days, AFOLCON will open its doors to the public for three days.

“AFOLCON is a new style of LEGO event for Europe. Based on the US style of conventions, AFOLCON will give fans the ‘inside track’ to the LEGO company and licensing partners.

“AFOLCON aims to bring the best of Billund to you! Think Comic-con, but for LEGO! The two private days will include a number of speakers, who will be showing exclusive information not available anywhere else! These include:

  • LEGO set designers, showing early set mockups, designs and how a LEGO set is brought to life
  • TT Games designers, detailing the process behind creating models for games such as LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Indiana Jones

“Many more great speakers are yet to be announced. As well as getting the inside track information, AFOLCON attendees will receive a limited edition souvenir brick and a number of other special benefits throughout the whole conference including discounted LEGO!

We want your MOCs! AFOLCON attendees are also encouraged to bring their LEGO creations to show off throughout both the private and public days. Following the private conference days, the doors will be opened to the public for a long weekend to showcase the best AFOL creations around! The public days will be widely advertised in conjunction with LEGO to encourage thousands of people to come to the show and see your LEGO creations.”

2 Responses to Inaugural AFOLCON in Manchester (UK)

  1. walshklien says:

    maybe we should start organizing one AFOLCON for Singapore =P

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