Some MOCs I Like

Just met some A/TFOLs at a local store and was asked about my blogging frequency.  Apart from the usual “busy at work” and playing with the sets I got, I’ve also been busy playing hero in the land of Albion.  It doesn’t mean I stop posting stuff that are noteworthy, but some of the recent news like the new Architecture Series set – 21007 Rockefeller Center and all the partnership stuff with NASA I simply wasn’t interested enough to post after reading them. 

Anyway… interesting piece of news that I read recentlyfrom BrickJournal issue #12 (thanks to Andrew!) is that who is one of my favourite builders has joined TLG as a product designer. Am looking forward to seeing his work in future sets.


Larry Lars made this Court House modeled after an actual building in Karlstad, Sweden for an exhibition at a local museum.

 RGB900 has created a Salon for fashionable minifigs to style their hair. Check out details like the TV on level 2. Very nicely done!  And great idea to put in the removable walls. 🙂

Pannier Tank 0-6-0 by bricktrix looks good… not a train person to really judge but to my untrained eye it looks good. 😛

I wonder if this LEGO Rocking Horse by  Bartosz Kurek really can be used? Perhaps a glued version?

And I leave you with this Transformable & Motorized Wall-E by  GYUTA. Apart from looking really cute, it can be packed up into a box and it moves too! Plus it also comes with it’s own little cooler box. Think this is the best LEGO Wall-E version I’ve seen so far. What do you think? Video after the pic (transformation starts at 1 min 54 sec into the video).

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