Lighted Christmas Display

Regular readers of this blog probably know that I’ve a bit of an obsession with lighted city displays.   Spacepilot3000 from EB shows us how to do one for Christmas with his display of 10199 Winter Toy Shop & 10216 Winter Village Bakery

Nice isn’t it?  A bit too early for Christmas?  But even Orchard Road is putting up the Christmas lights, not to mention all the trees in the shopping malls… anyway, the technical details (1mm SMD LEDs etc) can be found in this EB post (LINK) if you are interested to try some drilling and electrical work.

21 Responses to Lighted Christmas Display

  1. Paul says:

    Hi, Great site – thanks for the detailed shopping info! I’ll be joining you all in Singapore at Christmas and can’t wait to ‘troll’ through the numerous stores you mentioned. What do you think are my chances of finding any sets going back to 2005?


    • Paul says:

      …that should read ‘trawl’ through (as in: search) the numerous stores you mentioned! Blasted auto spell-check!! 🙂


    • amodularlife says:

      2005 sets… possible but would be expensive. I’ll say you’re better off looking at BrickLink or Ebay if you want to get them at better prices. If you don’t mind sharing which part of the world are you from?

      For the pure pleasure of looking at MISB boxes tho, I would say Secret Chamber is your best bet. Why don’t you list down the sets you are interested in and if I haven’t seen them around I think one of the other bros/sis here can probably tell. (^_^)

      Store addresses & transport info here:

      • Paul says:

        Thanks for getting back to me. I’m a Brit – living in Dubrovnik Croatia – beautiful place – but a Lego wasteland!! I’m very into BL (exile_31) but am currently, without much success, trying to find a MISB 8649 Nitro Menace. If you can assist that would be really great…Cheers!!

        I live in hope ( …and look forward to my visit!)


      • amodularlife says:

        I’ll keep an eye out for you when I do my shopping. A lime green car is pretty striking. 😉

        Haven’t seen one before tho.

      • amodularlife says:

        Found the set! Sent u a PM but figured better to reply to comment as well.

  2. Paul says:

    Much appreciated.

    You’re right – you won’t miss it for sure!! :-0

    Good luck!

  3. walsh klien says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I was actually planning to do some lighting for my WTS and WVB, but don’t want to do any drilling of sorts. Hmmm not sure how to actually do it haha! =P

  4. OCK says:

    do you know what kind of drill they use? i helped my friend bought a set of WTS..and i show her this link…now she wants to do the lights…but need to know what kind of drill they use.

    the LED shld be easily to obtain from sim lim right?

    • amodularlife says:

      I wish I knew man… not a technical bone in me… the post did mention 1 mm… am guessing electric drill with really fine drill bit… do you know where to get this kind of drill in SG?

      Actually, if you know where to get the materials pls tell me k?

      Sorry… am no help at all… 😦

      • walsh klien says:

        Best is visit a hardware shop… bring your Lego piece and tell them what you wish to do. They should be able to advice you the type of drill and drill bit. Just a caution on using power electric drills, you may wanna have your plates or bricks clamp on some support otherwise you may loose your fingers hahaha!

        alternatively, which I think is better than power drills, those electronic shops have mini-hand held drills, I used to own one of them when I used to play around with electronic stuff. They are used to drill electronic circuit boards. They are less powerful (which means you don’t loose your hands) and the drill bits are very very fine which are good for Lego. I’m not very sure but I think Sim Lim Tower (not Sim Lim Square) should have them.

        that being said it still pains me to drill my Lego pieces so I’m still trying to find a way without drilling! Let me know if you guys manage to try it out =)

    • wongkw says:

      I did the 3mm LED for the lamp post, the hardest part is actually the soldering the wire to the LED. In end, I just wrapped the wire to the legs of the LED. For the SMD LED, there’s no legs to attached, so soldering is a must. For drilling, I used my hands, took sometime, but ended with a clean straight hole. For fine drill bits, I think using hands is the best way, electric drill may break the drill bit. Caution: always wear safety goggles (if you are not wearing specs) when drilling

      • amodularlife says:

        Safety googles is a good tip… never cross my mind. 😛

        Which hardware store do you guys visit? Can share the address?

      • wongkw says:

        I bought the LED at Space Electronics, a shop located at the basement of Sim Lim Tower. They have all kinds of 3mm LED, different colours, some flashes, there’s one that change colour between red, blue and green. 50 cents each for LED.

      • amodularlife says:

        So you got a transformer as well? Else how do you power up the lights?

        So… to really do up the lights will need to figure out at least:
        – Drill
        – Solder
        – Transformer (for plugged in power) / Battery box (for battery operated)
        – LEDs (colour / size)
        – Wiring

        Gosh… really complicated…

      • wongkw says:

        I used a battery box, 2 AA batteries.

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