Some MOCs I Like

Here are some nice creations for your inspiration. 

King of Diamonds by Marin Stipkovic looks amazing.  Really impressive piece of work.

All The Kings Horses by Shmails is an entry over at Classic Castle’s CCCVIII Pastoral Life Category – I like how the action is represented by splashings in the water.  Personally, I love building competitions… there’s always an outpouring of creative MOCs when there are competitions. 

Wallace & Gromit by  MisaQa is spot on

I like how the LED lighting is used to give a fiery effect… Station on Fire by rack911


For Star Wars fan, here is the Cantina by  Roland :: Nienke


Remember the wall-E I featured the other day? GYUTA wows us next with this One Touch Transformable RC Tank.  According to him “It tranforms with just one touch from a tank to a robot, and vice versa. Also, this vehicle can be driven by LEGO RC controller, whatever its form is, a robot or a tank. If you want to watch the transform process, visit my youtube channel below” (ok, embedded so it’s easier for you) 😉


K, mission accomplished.  Time to play!

One Response to Some MOCs I Like

  1. walshklien says:

    WOW! I like the transformable Tank! Impressive! Simple yet impressive! Thanks for sharing =D

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