18 Printed Minifig Dresses

Evolving from “12 LEGO Princesses”, EB’s Sandy, has shared her lovely collection of all 18 printed minifig dresses (& 2 mermaids) here

Top left:
Merfolk (Harry Potter)
Statue (Harry Potter)
Bellatrix (Harry Potter)
Prof. Trelawney (Harry Potter)
Prof. McGonagall (Harry Potter, new edition)
Prof. McGonagall (Harry Potter, old edition)
Witch (Series 2 collectible minifigures)
Governor’s Daughter (Pirates II)
Admiral’s Daughter (Pirates II)
Mermaid (Pirates II)

Bottom left:
Queen Leonora (Knights’ Kingdom I)
Barmaid (Kingdoms/Fantasy Era)
Peasant Woman (Fantasy Era)
Crown Queen (Fantasy Era)
Crown Princess (Fantasy Era)
Lion Princess (Kingdoms)
Lion Queen (Kingdoms)
Troll Shamaness (Fantasy Era)
Witch (Fantasy Era)
Willa the Witch (Fright Knights)


Without checking my collection in detail, I think I’ve 15 of the 18 printed dresses and 1 mermaid. Not too shabby huh?  But I wish I have all 18 too…  😛

3 Responses to 18 Printed Minifig Dresses

  1. Mond2 says:

    lol… i have got 15 + 1 mermaid too… lacking those fleshie HPs and merfolk… >p

  2. wee chong says:

    this is cool! a collection of female minifigurines

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