Collectible Minifig Series 3 in the USA

So they have started popping up in the USA, and you should see them at inflated prices all over BrickLink & Ebay.  But enjoy this funny and entertaining blog post by Hillel Jeff, who chronicled his experience getting the Series 3 figs from his local store:  January My Ass!!! Series 3 Minifigures are in the House (My House)

Other interesting stuff?  As an AFOL, of course he de-bagged and sorted and gave the breakdown:

  • 5 figs in the case – Sumo Guy, Alien with Raygun, Mummy with Scorpion, Octan Team Race Car Driver
  • 4 figs in the case – Mountaineer Guy, Samurai Guy, Man in Ape Suit with Banana, Baseball Player with Bat, Tennis Lady
  • 3 figs in the case – Native American Chief, Elfin Bowman, Terminator Space Guy, Rapper, Snowboard Chick, Hula Girl
  • 2 figs in the case – Fisherman
  • For more pics and his take on the minifigs, refer to his blog post here:  Series 3 Collectible Minifigures — The Unboxing with Pictures and Analysis

    P.S. 11 boxes – That’s 660 minifigs.  And all at 25% off?  Yeah, I’m green with envy too…

    2 Responses to Collectible Minifig Series 3 in the USA

    1. Irvy Kitty says:

      Horrible, with only 2 fisherman in every box 😦

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