How to Wire LEDs

I have been doing some reading, and thought it’ll be nice to pass on the info.  Found some fairly easy to understand articles on eHow teaching how to wire up an LED:

Yeah, thought I’ll get started on this (picking up LED basics) cos eventually I would have to find some way to have lighted street lamps.  It looks kinda strange to have a ‘blacked out’ street when the buildings are lighted. 😦

Never thought my LEGO hobby will have me trying to pick up basic electrical knowledge but hey we live and learn ya?

I think I’ve also found a solution so I won’t have to drill any LEGO pieces in the process of making street lighting… but it would mean going on Crack- I mean BrickLink to get some stuff.  Think I’ll try to do up a prototype when I manage to get some electrical equipment to play with.

11 Responses to How to Wire LEDs

  1. walshklien says:

    Cool! Would be very interested to know how you are planning to do the street lamp without drilling =)

  2. Saffy says:

    I bought those Daiso LED’s too, any idea how to stop them from blinking?

    • amodularlife says:

      Actually the Daiso LED comes in the non-blinking type too. I bought both types.
      No idea how to stop the blinking ones from blinking… how about getting the non-blinking type if that’s what you prefer?

      After some experimenting, I like the effect best with both blinking and non-blinking LEDs. I use one of each for each modular building i.e. each modular has 2 lights.

  3. hedgehog says:

    don’t worry, can also trial & error with this little LED, it is not going to give any “electrical shock”…hehe

  4. Jonathan Lum says:

    This is what I study … Electrical Engineering … seems like it will pay off soon .. in My LEGO MOC … hahahaha

  5. hedgehog says:

    you need to cut the short/long wire of the LED to shorter it and make it neat, for soldering iron & copper wire, it will be better if you can borrow or share with someone (mine is gone long time ago).

    U can let others know how many LED lights u need to light up the street and the guys can probably work out the circult for u. Battery will not give any shock. If anyone has a breadboard, test it out first.

  6. amodularlife says:

    @hedgehog: Thanks for the video! I was thinking of experimenting with the Daiso LEDs since I’ve them on hand. Plus I kinda like the brightness (or rather not very bright) of the LEDs. The bright ones are too overwhelming for use in display I feel…

    @walshklien: Ok, $50 ‘investment’ dun sound too bad compared to US$12 for one lamp post… tho TBH with the cheaper USD the lamp post is looking more and more attractive…

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