Collectible Minifig Series 3 Dotcodes

Update again:  Via Brothers Brick, I found out that SEALUG member J Junker posted a great guide to figuring out which minifig is in the bag by feeling for specific elements. If the dots are as hard to feel as those who have felt it described, best to check that you got the minifig you wanted.  Based on series 1 & 2, there should be different dot patterns for Europe & Asia, so do take note that this is for the USA packaging.  The parts won’t change tho, so for those who are good at this…

Gorilla – it’s best to find the banana. Be careful though, the Pilot has goggles that can feel like a banana.

Pilot – feel for the backpack/parachute (and the goggles there’s an indentation in the middle that the banana doesn’t have).

Racecar Driver – feel for all 3 of these, head, helmet & hair. He’s the only guy with all 3.  Finding the visor helps too.

Samurai – if you find the sword, that’s the best. He’s also got an ‘armor’ chest piece that’s unique.  It collapses inward when you squeeze it from front to back.

Rapper – feel for the mic, and his hat brim is curved. Careful not to mistake for the Hula Girl… She has 2 maracas that feel like the mic.

Hula Girl – finding both maracas is the best. The hair also feels different, since it’s designed to be in the front and back. Easy to confuse with the Rapper by feel and dots.

Indian Chief – the headdress is pretty easy to feel.  It’s very big.

Baseball Player – the bat is a dead giveaway. One of the easiest to feel.

The Mummy – the dots are very easy to spot on this one. Really the best way to feel this one is to find the scorpion.

Sumo Wrestler – another where the dots help quite a bit. I only felt the trophy one time, so I ended up feeling for the ball of hair on top of his head the most.

Alien – the head has the 2 distinct spheres. I almost always felt the beam from the gun as well. Dots are good for this one too.

Space Pirate (Cyborg) – easy to confuse with the race car driver. If you can find his robot hand, that’s the best. Remember that both the alien and this guy have a ray coming from their gun (the gun: which is also a good way to narrow it down to one of the 2).

Tennis Player – the racket is the tell tell here.

Elf (Legolas) – I felt the back if the shield on the first one, but found the bow & arrow easiest from then on out.

Snowboarder – the snow board is as easy as the surfboard and skateboard were to feel. Both ends curve up.

The Fisherman – the fish is easy to feel, plus the rope on the fishing pole is very different than anything else since it’s ’soft’.


Update: Oh… the guy who cracked the code is… that guy from FBTB… which guy?  That guy… seriously, that his nickname.   And the AFOL who put the dots in the nice format you see is GIR3691 also from FBTB.  You can read more from here:


It didn’t take too long before the series 3 packaging got decoded.  Instead of barcodes, you have… dotcodes? 

That’s my description for the dots at the bottom of the packaging anyway. 😛

ToysnBricks has the USA dotcodes here:

2 Responses to Collectible Minifig Series 3 Dotcodes

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    No more molesting required … we know That Guy has done us proud … so, which fig will you be getting more than 1 ?

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