Glued Magnets = Bad News

If you have been buying magnets for the minifigs, some major bad news… they are now glued!

You can read more from The Ugly Duckling who bought a pack of Pharaoh’s Quest magnets and found out they they are glued from the torso down to the base (heads and accessories are still removable).

What a waste, otherwise the new magnets look really good. I like anubis in particular, but even the mummy and the cool shield is good to have in extras. 

Personally, that means no more magnets for me.  How about you?

Picture from The Ugly Duckling, and News via Brickset

6 Responses to Glued Magnets = Bad News

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    What is LEGO thinking ?? Thought they are against “Glued” … I am just wondering are they going to do it for the rest going forward .. if Yes, definitely NO LEGO Magnets for me, too …

  2. Irvy Kitty says:

    In that case I will say goodbye for the magnet.
    Will Lego also glued the minifigs in the set? Hope not.

  3. Wai Leong says:

    Agreed, if that is the case, no more magnets for as well.

  4. walshklien says:

    bye bye magnet =)

  5. amodularlife says:

    Hmm… no positive views here? I’m curious tho if this tactic will work i.e. to increase sales of sets. If not, then tough luck since magnet sales will be really affected.

    • walshklien says:

      Well the reason why I actually even buy magnet minifigs is I find them cheaper than buying the individual minifigs. If TLG is going to glue them then I don’t see the point of buying them anymore since I don’t really stick them to the fridge or something =P

      I essentially chuck the magnets one side after taking the minifig out, hahaha!

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