USA Black Friday Offers

I’ve a new vice… online shopping!  It absolutely doesn’t make any sense to me, but it can be cheaper for me to order LEGO online from USA even with shipping costs factored in. Ok, the low FX helps too.

Of course, the savings would kick in only for the bigger sets. Smaller sets are just not worth the effort IMO. 

Pros: Cost savings

Cons: Battered boxes, possible lost shipments

For those stores that ship only to US addresses, there are a few forwarding services that you can use such as Borderlinx, Vpost, Viaaddress, & Comgateway.  Of these, I’ve only tried Borderlinx (BLX), but I’ve heard good stuff about Viaaddress and Comgateway. For Comgateway, you can also get them to re-pack the boxes to reduce volumetric weight for lower shipment cost – definitely something I’ll be interested to try next time I buy stuff from the USA.  Most of these stores also offer Concierge services – i.e. they will help to place orders for you at no or minimal service charge for those stores that only accept USA credit card (e.g. Toysrus).  I have had bad experiences when the concierge did not place the orders for me tho, so again, use such services with minimal expectations and you should be fine.

The reason for this post is that Black Friday is just next week, and this is typically when there are tonnes of offer in the USA, LEGO included.  If you have been reading (with some envy) of the great offers (like Buy-One-Get-One at 50% off, Buy 2 get 1 free, etc) you could try one shipment and see if you are happy with the results. 

I’ve also been trying Barnes & Noble online who ship directly, but then some S0937 members have reported lost shipments so this is definitely buyers beware.  There isn’t any tracking number so if the shipments are lost, it’s a nightmare trying to get refunds.  I got my Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle at terrific discounts compared to Singapore RRP tho.

Anyway, for a roundup of the USA offers that you may wanna have a look at… Brickset, FBTB and ToysnBricks. 

Me? I’m about all done for 2010 TBH (especially after getting 6 Hogwarts Castles).  It’s just the 2011/new sets that interest me – I do need to save for Diagon Alleys and a few new modulars. 🙂

6 Responses to USA Black Friday Offers

  1. walshklien says:

    “and a few new modulars”? Any new modulars coming up besides diagon alley??

  2. Vic Woo says:

    You give such good advice freely!!! Am gonna try one of those online shopping too! Cheers!!!

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