Pharaoh’s Quest Set Review Index

Update on 19 Dec: Added 7307 Flying Mummy Attack

Update on 23 Nov: Added 7325: Cursed Cobra Statue & 7305: Scarab Attack


I can only scratch my itch for the 2011 sets by reading the online reviews, so here’s the beginning of the Pharaoh’s Quest sets review index while waiting for the 2011 sets to hit Singapore stores.  Figured it doesn’t make sense to create a new post for each review that pops up.  

It’s really too bad that in Singapore we are not getting the PQ sets before Christmas… I wouldn’t mind getting them for Christmas. 

Come to think of it, Winter Village Bakery isn’t supposed to be in SG until next year too, and this set was out eons ago.  What kind of marketing madness is this?  I’m feeling the holiday cheer already, thanks to the Orchard Road christmas light up.  Nevermind, you know where to get the newer sets if you need them asap (read my sidebar).

Ok, back to topic:

Update on 23 Nov: Pictures of keychains, magnets & battle pack (thanks to whung from EB): –

7 Responses to Pharaoh’s Quest Set Review Index

  1. Paul says:

    As a big AAFOL (Adventurers’… etc!!) – this new collection is eagerly awaited!

    Really looking forward to getting hold of 7307 Duel in the Air also – got to love that Bi-Plane!

    When are you expecting them to be available in Singapore? – Before Jan 10th I can only hope!! 🙂


  2. Paul says:

    …not intentionily anonymous!!


  3. OCK says:

    TRU US has buy 1 and get 1 at 50% now..code works for them…

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