Cars 2011 Sets & Creator 5766 Log Cabin Review

Whung from EB brings news of 2011 ‘Cars’ sets:

  • 8677 Ultimate Build Francesco
  • 8678 Ultimate Build Mater
  • 8679 Tokyo International Circuit (TRU Excl)

The TRU exclusive sounds interesting…anyway the website says May release.  More in this EB post.  No pics yet!


On an unrelated note (just didn’t feel like creating another post),  you can read the Creator Log Cabin review in EB here by TheBrickster.

Might be cos it’s not really something I can visualise with my City sets, but not quite feeling the vibe here.  It looks to be a good set for picking up parts tho, such as the tan window frames and dark red roof tiles.  Also think it looks fairly manageable for younger kids to play with. 

Anyone knows the expected RRP in Singapore?  Apple Tree House was set at a ridiculous price, so if price is again too high I’ll just be disciplined and get only one (hey, usually need at least 3 to build up all 3 models rite? 😉 ).

Oh ya, and more set reviews for Pharaoh’s Quest sets indexed here.

7 Responses to Cars 2011 Sets & Creator 5766 Log Cabin Review

  1. walshklien says:

    Hmm… Although it looks nice, I still prefer Modulars over Creator, usually for creators, I would actually download their instruction books and get ideas for MOC =)

  2. Jonathan Lum says:

    States is selling it approx for S$ 45 .. my take is SGP may retail it approx between S$65 – S$75. Your take ?

  3. badfoot says:

    Hi Expert Missy,

    Does anyone here play lego universe?
    Is lego universe hot in sg AFOL?
    coz i am being tempted to try only if there is a group of sg afol playing…
    however got a feeling that not much sg afol r into it, coz u never even talk about it ;p

    PS: Sorry dont know where to put comment on this online lego gaming stuff

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