Some MOCs I Like

The Retaking of Outpost LJ-47 by ~Tac~ 

Count Squidula’s Mansion by monstrophonic

Katsumoto by ((Primus))

M4A3E8 Sherman Tank ‘Hunk of Iron’ by [PhiMa]

Tree by Aaron (-_-)

トリウマ by 62778grenouille

The arrival of Saint Nicholas by .eti 

Teahouse by lixia_1982

Nightfury by retinence

And finally, LEGO Chocolate by Little Cute One makes me feel hungry…

3 Responses to Some MOCs I Like

  1. walshklien says:

    very nice! I like the tea house a lot! don’t know the guy got instructions =P

  2. badfoot says:

    recently someone posted in hardwarezone his own collection of lego from 1987 till mid 2000,
    thought it will be nice to share here, coz i seldom see sg MOC…. ;p

    hope that link works

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