LEGO table anyone?

Spotted at TRU Suntec, these LEGO Imaginarium Tables @ S$229.90, down from S$299.90. Selling for USD150 in the USA (& USD120 when discounted) but since you won’t be able to ship one back to SG (heavy!), this may be as good as it gets. Let me know if u do get one k? 😉

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11 Responses to LEGO table anyone?

  1. Tom says:

    I believe it is not height apporitate for adults unless you’re really tiny.

  2. walshklien says:

    hmm… looks like overly prices for a table and 2 chairs =)

    • amodularlife says:

      How much for a set of Ikea kids table and chair?

      • walsh klien says:

        MAMMUT Range:
        table = $59
        chair = $19

        SVALA Range:
        table = $29
        chair = $15

        SANSAD Range:
        table = $65
        Stool $25

        KRITTER Range:
        table = $49
        chair = $25

        LEKSVIK Range
        table = $79
        chair = $39

        Anyway you mix and match at most you’ll end up paying only $157… the rest of the money you can buy IKEA kids storage bins which are very good for Lego too =)

  3. mermum says:

    I use a Nilo table with removable Lego blockmats.

  4. OCK says:

    u all so gd. i use my bed and coffeetable. $157 i will use to buy more minifigs…these kids table i scare after awhile become white elephant at home

    • amodularlife says:

      @OCK: I dun have kids but Ikea Mammut seems good. Anyway not expensive so after a few years can throw or donate to Salvation Army. Personally I’m a messy floor builder. 😛

      @Walshklien: Thanks for the list! Reminds me how much I like Ikea… 🙂

      @Mermum: What is a Nilo table? Where is the table from?

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