Collectible Minifig Series 4 Pictures

Update: Better quality pics added

Brickset has news of series 4. Pics! Interesting discussion on which fig will be the coveted ‘Spartan’ of series 4, and which will be the ‘crash test dummy’ here:

Originally blogged via iPhone.

Source: Brickset & EB

4 Responses to Collectible Minifig Series 4 Pictures

  1. walshklien says:

    personally, I find this is the best among all the collectible minfig series, the set that I would most likely get at least 5 minifigs =)

  2. Jonathan Lum says:

    I see that Surfer Dude’s Girlfriend is coming … leaving jealous LifeGuard Babe watching by the beach front.
    Also see that The 3 Musketeers will be teaming themselves up for a fight with the Monster Team up with Zombie, Werewolf, Frankie, etc … NICE.

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