Time for a Road Trip?

Update on 23 Dec 2010: RV Parts list in PDF and BrickStore format attached.

DOWNLOAD: LEGO Road Trip Parts List (thanks to walshklien!)

DOWNLOAD: LEGO Road Trip RV Instructions

Link to BrickStore info HERE

Update: Do read walshklien’s helpful tips/experiences on navigating the site and building the mini models in the comments section.


Nah… I don’t mean the real kind where you endure long butt-aching rides… LEGO has created a new site where you can go on a virtual road trip:


Each stop has 4 mini models instructions that you can download and build in real life. 🙂

14 Responses to Time for a Road Trip?

  1. walshklien says:

    Thanks for sharing! Very cool site indeed =)

  2. wee chong says:

    i love the store! lovely!!! 😀

  3. walshklien says:

    SO far for each stop I can only download the 1st build, anybody know how to activate the other 3?

  4. walshklien says:

    I tried keying in the parts for the RV. One of the part 60476 is in white color which is not even being sold anywhere even in Bricklink. I had to replace it with something else to make it work.

    Hmm… What is Lego doing?

  5. walshklien says:

    ok some more observations… for the benefit of those who may get excited to build the RV like me:

    1. The parts list is in Lego Element ID – this complicates things as some of the Element ID are not recognized in Lego Pick-a-brick. So you got to perhaps use your judgment and determine the right part using Bricklink or Brickstore.
    2. You may not be able to find parts for the indicated color since maybe they are not even produced for any sets yet, no luck in Bricklink as well. Example part 4620761 and 4567891. So you need to use some alternative parts.

    So I think this is not meant for Lego newbies, more intended for Lego AFOL who may be quite verse with parts =)

  6. Sarah says:

    If anyone could help me out I would be forever grateful! I’m the single mom of a 9yr old lego fanatic. My son hasnt had a faher figure, until i met my amazing boyfriend. Anyway, he said he there was an rv road trip with a father and son, that he wanted to get for my boyfriend for christmas. My heart melted! so I’m on a mission to get it. I understand its a virtual game and downloaded the instructions for the rv. I looked on a million forums, but not being too familiar with the technical lego stuff, I dont know how to go about getting the bricks together so they can build it together. I get that its a diy kind of job, but this is so foreign to me. PLEASE, if anyone could lend me there expertise and creativity to put this together, you’d make a small family very happy! I look at the downloaded instructions and just see tonnnns of numbers and my heads spinning. I’v called lego, but they weren’t able to give me any advice other than the lego city camper, but my son is way beyond that and again a lego fanatic and is as an incredibly creative and detailed lego builder. I just got together everything for stop motion video making, now this… maybe im fried, but im lost on how to get all the bricks i need. thanx in advance!

  7. walsh klien says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I wish I could help. I myself am still trying to get the Lego pieces. Most of the parts may not be easy to find and you may have to get it from this site Bricklink with multiple shipments. Also the parts on the instruction are Lego part numbers, I have the Bricklink part number if you want I can send it to you. But just note that it won’t be easy to get all the parts.

  8. LEGO Blog says:

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