2011 LEGO Games Pics

New clearer pics of the 2011 LEGO Games are up on Brickset HERE

I’ve liked these 2 sets ever since I saw their thumbnails from the leaked catalog, what about you?

3 Responses to 2011 LEGO Games Pics

  1. delta says:

    I really don’t like them that much. Looks like these two games will not have the cute microfigs.
    Also, a balancing game with bananas in a fragile tree sounds like a horrible idea to play with kids.
    Some of the previous board games had unique parts, like Monster 4 (3837), that had unique minifig heads, or Magma Monster (3847). In which case, if you did not like the game, at least you had some microfigs or other nice parts left.
    I recently purchased Pirate Plank and Orient Bazaar, which are, apart from nice parts packs, rather nice games to play with children, which are the target audience for these games after all.
    Another new game for 2011 is Sunblock (3852).

  2. delta says:

    Pictures of the contents:
    Frog Rush:

    Go Bananas:

    Seems like I was right about no microfigs.

    • amodularlife says:

      The frogs look good to me cos I like the colored frogs. The bananas… yeah, I can prob get the stuff off BL. But I like the bananas and the ‘leaves’. See if the price justifies getting the game for piece parts I guess.

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