Want to be a LEGO designer? You gotta…

… start young. 

In Sam Johnson‘s case, since he was eight!  Read this fascinating story about Sam HERE and just had to blog it.  An excerpt:

A spokesman for Lego said Sam was given the job because the company believed he was something special and a determined individual.

He said: “At almost every job interview we have, potential candidates telling us about their childhood experience with Lego bricks, or their children’s love for our products.

“But I have to say, Sam’s case is very special, since he so determinedly followed the advice he got from us about employment when he was a young boy.”

Congrats to Sam!  

Guess it’s too late for me then. 😦    You have any kids?  Well… you know what they say about starting them young…

Ok, apparently qualifications in design and fine art AND earning an honours degree in product design would help.  Let me know what is TLG’s answer is if your 6/7/8/9/10 year old writes to them now k?

More about Sam’s qualifications and experiences HERE (link to University of Derby’s page about Sam).

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