NinjaGo Set Reviews

Still undecided about the new NinjaGo theme?  Perhaps a few set reviews to make up your mind? 

The good folks at EB have had a head start on the theme (the 2011 sets are not in Singapore stores yet! Grrrr), and some AFOLs kindly started on set reviews so do click on the links below and have a look.

Good news for sticker haters, the windows with the words “Ninja” in Japanese (?Actually all the words looks like Chinese to me and I can read them, am not sure if it’s written the same way in traditional Japanese?) are printed and not stickers.  The rest of the parts with prints look like stickers from the sticker sheet spotted in the review.  I do see windows without the words being a lot more useful for MOC-ing tho, eg. for Japanese/Korean/Chinese MOCs.  With the words printed on the windows… am not so sure, may actually sit most of this theme out.

And I’ve no use for the cards at all too… understandably, this theme is meant for kids and not AFOLs, and I’m guessing the beyblade like spinning stuff and fighting cards would appeal to kids.  I may get all 4 dragons in this series tho. I like how they look, very fierce and no stickers and cards from the look of things (at least not in the ice dragon set).

Pics from Brickset

2 Responses to NinjaGo Set Reviews

  1. meiguizi says:

    ren3zhe3 in hanzi is ninja in japanese kanji. I can never understand the tranisition between hanzi and kanji

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