New 2011 January Sets in Singapore Stores

The cat’s out of the bag now that Bricksworld has posted the prices of the new arrivals this month (they were quite good, started updating since last night).  Anyway here they are, with the S$ and US$ price comparison.  S0937 forum members would have seen this comparison a few days ago thanks to BC.

As you can see from the list below, over here we pay a good bit more than USA.  Some of the difference can be quite astonishing… e.g. for the 7498 Police Station, a good 38%, or S$79.91 more.   I know the usual arguments, shipping costs, high rental, economies of scale, etc, etc… SG is still cheaper than our direct neighbours (Malaysia & Indonesia), etc, etc.  BUT, the fact is still that we are paying a good deal more than the USA, especially for the sets that would logically be in higher demand (like battle packs).  Makes business sense for LEGO Singapore, but as an AFOL, the pricing definitely has room for improvement…

There are a few exceptions tho… Collectible Minifig Series 3 for example is being offered at 20% off at a few stores if you buy in cartons.   At RRP S$234 carton of 60 figs or S$187.2 after discount, that works out to S$3.12 each, or about US$2.40.  And we can buy by the carton here unlike in other countries where supply seems to be more limited.  Still unknown if we are getting the 2 fishermen or 4 fishermen cartons tho.

Anyway, happy shopping to all my Singapore readers. It’s going to be an expensive month!  The new stocks are expected to start hitting stores from 6 Jan, and with new stocks weekly for the month of Jan. 

I’ll update the sidebar on the right as I hear about special offers and member deals from the stores.  Let me know if I missed anything k?  🙂  You can email me at

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for any buying decisions made purely using the table above.  Pls check the prices before you decide to buy. 😉

19 Responses to New 2011 January Sets in Singapore Stores

  1. Discman says:

    with the difference in some of the new sets, not too sure if it make more economical sense to ship them from S@H or not.. like the obi wan jedi starfighter, now only USD75 at S@H whereas SG is still selling ard SGD210..

    • amodularlife says:

      You will have to weigh the pros/cons.

      My personal experience is yes for some of the bigger sets. But if you need your boxes to be immaculate then it’s not an option… sometimes the boxes can get damaged. U also run the risk of horrid shipping costs. I usually don’t just get one set so I can spread out the shipping costs among the sets.

  2. hedgehog says:

    thanks for the list, singapore buyers can just wait for 20% discount, as long as more people are buying the price will increase, this is what happens for the last few years.

    if you are interested in tracking visitors and collecting flags, check flagcounter and revolvermaps.

  3. hedgehog says:

    amazing 52 over countries visit in one night..haha

    ya, i have 2 blogs, one on lego too started at around the same time as you 🙂

    • amodularlife says:

      Oh ya, collecting flags is more fun than I’d thought. Until the novelty wears off I guess… 🙂

      Seems to have a lot more Singapore AFOL bloggers this past year. Mabbe shd do a feature soon. 😉

      Thanks for the tip again!

  4. exile_31 says:

    Jan 6th – my Birthday no less (& a Big one!) – would be a really good day to see some new arrivals – a proper way to celebrate!! 🙂

    Any idea yet which sets might be in the first wave?


  5. Will Tang says:

    I think the prices are great. I mean the Dojo is only S$79.90. Look at the Pirates Soldiers’ Fort and Kingdoms Prison Tower Rescue, they are both USD49.90 sets, but both are S$109.90. So I welcome the new prices with open arms. Of course, the spinner sets are rather ex, but as a normal AFOL I’m not buying those.

    By the way, who is offering 10% or 20% discount? I assume you are listing the columns as a reference.

    I think I’ll buy the Dojo!

    • amodularlife says:

      Yes the % is more for reference.

      But to explain to newcomers 10% is the member price from most specialty stores. A few of the speciality stores usually offer more 😉 (you’ll know where if you have been reading my other posts). And I also heard that another store will be revising their member pricing soon to give more discounts to higher tiered customers (yeah, I buy enough to qualify for those).

      20% from department stores when they have their storewide sales that includes LEGO.

  6. Will Tang says:

    Hey, I saw some new 2011 Pharaoh Quest sets in Toys Station. They parallel imported the sets from US. The local release date for PQ sets is March.

  7. Tom says:

    Too bad they didnt bring in the pyramid. That thing is massive! Sits on a 32 x 64 plate!. Width wise even wider than a modular building.

    • exile_31 says:

      I agree!! Not sure how I would have got it home – but that small detail wouldn’t have stopped me buying it!

      BTW the only PQ sets still available (this morning) at TS are 7235 & 7326 plus the cool Battle Pack – 853176.


  8. amodularlife says:

    @ Will, thanks for the info. 🙂

    @ Paul: So sorry to hear about your missed sets. On the bright side, u did get your MISB green car so hope that means you’ll still have lovely memories of Singapore. 😉

    • exile_31 says:

      Even if I had not found one new set (let alone 3 so far!) – our time here and the memories we will take away with us – could not have been more enjoyable and very special.

      So thanks to your excellent site and your considerable personal efforts I, as a serious Lego addict, have had a truely wonderful time. ( Taking home the Green Racer – so long sought – is the cherry on the top!!)

      Thank you.


      PS. Hang on – not done yet – still a few Lego days left here….Yippeeeee!!! 🙂

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