Some Changes on the Blog

You may have noticed the new FeedJit widget on the right.  It’s a new toy I discovered that lets you know where the most recent blog readers are from.  It’s fun for me to see new and exotic locations I’ve never heard off appear in the list.  I’ll keep it at that spot for a while until I get sick of it I guess…

I’ve also shuffled the other widgets up and down, depending on what I’ve been more concerned with.  Recent comments are up, and so is the blog subscription field.  The Singapore offers list is moved down cos I realise quite a number of you are not from Singapore and probably don’t care about Singapore offers.  I’ll still maintain it for my Singapore readers tho (and for my own quick reference as well…).  😉

Oh ya, and we are back to the white Enterprise theme and the snow is gone (as is my year-end break, sigh).  I’m expecting a really busy January once I’m back at work, with planned work trips and all… so my posting frequency may drop.  If you are sick of checking a few times a day, do subscribe to my blog so you get an email update whenever there is a new posting.

And do let me know if you have any concerns/suggestions/queries.  My email address is, and you can drop me a note if you have any interesting news or spot awful errors in my posts k?

2 Responses to Some Changes on the Blog

  1. walshklien says:

    thanks for switching back to white background! Looks nicer in my opinion =P

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