Some more changes to my Blog

More shuffling of the sidebar widgets up/down, including some to the footer so the sidebar doesn’t get too long.  The most major change is the addition of 5 RSS feeds to the sidebar (more on Really Simple Syndication in this wiki entry).  The 5 feeds are to:

  • Brickset
  • Toys N Bricks
  • FBTB
  • Eurobricks
  • The Brothers Bricks

I wanted an easy way to check for updates on these websites without having to click or subscribe to them and the RSS feed enables that.  So now I can check for updates just by going on my homepage.  And I used my blog’s comments RSS too so that the latest comments contents are displayed.  🙂

Hope you like the changes.  As usual suggestions and tips are most welcome.  I just discovered the wonderful world of flags collection (thanks again to hedgehog) and RSS feeds recently so you can see I’m really still a newbie at blogging.  😛

Btw I added these 5 websites cos between them I think they contain most of the LEGO news.  There are some specialised websites that I am considering, but then if I add them all the sidebar gets really long.  I’m open to suggestions tho, so do let me know what you think of these RSS feeds and if you’ll like to see more RSS feeds (and from where).

2 Responses to Some more changes to my Blog

  1. walsh klien says:

    I like the way you made the comments expanded such that we can see a glimpse of the comments. Saves clicking them one by one =P

    I also like the idea of the 5 RSS feeds on the sidebar. I usually visit those sites too and now that you have put them here saves me the trouble haha!

    Thanks for all the good changes! I love them =)

    One suggestion not sure if possible: Can try putting the Lego Offers section on the left side? Not sure if wordpress allows left and right side bars at the same time. This would prevent the sidebar from getting too long on one side =)

    • amodularlife says:

      It’s possible if I use a theme with sidebars on both sides. I.e. It’ll look 3-columned like TBB. It’s something I thought about, but did not implement cos I use a netbook and the screen is small enough as it is, so I didn’t want to reduce the posts column.
      And personally I prefer the pics to be bigger, so I think I’ll stick to Enterprise which is a 2-columned theme until I see a new theme that I really like. Thanks for your encouragement tho, and yeah, the RSS feeds do seem to be very useful. Perhaps I could post the SG offers in a separate tab/page? Let me explore.

      Update: I experimented with some of the 3 columned themes and the result is that the main posts column space is reduced by quite a bit, and throws the formatting of most of my posts off… (the pictures are left either sticking out of chopped off). Looks like am stuck with a 2-column theme. Will still be thinking of a more elegant solution tho, and other tips and suggestions are most welcome.

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